Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Department of Agriculture and Food Science.

Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Department of Agriculture and Food Science.

The Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL) was established in 2012 as a result of the union between the Departments of Agricultural Economics and Engineering, the Department of Food Sciences and the Department of Agri-Food Protection and Valorization.

Since 2018, also faculty members of the the Department of Agricultural Sciences (DipSA) have joined DISTAL and nowday it consists of more than 150 scientists, whose research and education activities cover wide topics related to the agricultural and food sciences.

DISTAL is located on two Campus (Bologna and Cesena) and it is currently involved in several national and international projects. In particular, 43 EC funded Projects are currently on-going, 10 of which are coordinated by UNIBO.

Moreover, DISTAL hosts the “Inter-Department Centre of Food Industrial Research” (CIRI-Agroalimentare) that is specifically devoted to the technology transfer to food industry, and particularly to SMEs, within Emilia-Romagna region.DISTAL has been one of the 14 Departments of the University of Bologna which have been funded as Excellent Department under the 2017 Italian Finance Law. 

Research Activity

The plant biotechnology lab research is focused on plant-pathogen interaction study, with particular interests in post-harvest strawberry diseases. The aim of our research is to identify susceptibly and/or resistant genes involved in the plant immune response upon pathogens infections. Recently, we have started to develop RNAi based agrochemicals targeting specific fungal genes crucial for their infection ability.

Relevant Publications:

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  • Elena Baraldi Project coordinator
  • Daria Zizzola Project Manager